On December 9, 2022, 16 4th grade girls and boys from the Arcozelo Educational Center, with their teachers, the LIFE FLUVIAL Project held a school session at the Quinta de Pentieiros pedagogical farm with the support of the Ponte de Lima city council. This farm belongs to the municipality of Ponte de Lima and is one of the infrastructures linked to environmental education located next to the Protected Landscape of Lagoas de Bertiandos and S. Pedro d’Arcos.

Under the title “Rivers and their fluvial corridors”, with the help of characters and settings from the story “Bochechas” (by Pepe Carreiro), in the first part of the session the concepts of the Fluvial Corridor (and its biodiversity) were analyzed and debated. , that is, flora and fauna) and its Threats, specifically, the problem of Invasive Species. Combining images from the Los Bolechas guide, with photographs and contact with twigs with pressed leaves of the most common trees in the Lagoas Protected Landscape, the characteristic native species of the river corridors were identified, as well as some of the invasive trees. Next, the main actions that LIFE FLUVIAL carried out in the Protected Landscape of Lagoas to help improve its fluvial corridor were presented.

In the second part of the session, the online board of the Gout Game was presented – “O Vale do Lima e suas Veigas e Lagoas”. The game was demonstrated by rolling the dice (digital) to answer game questions and advance the tiles (digital as well)… but the rest, discovering the different parts of this fun and educational game and its ending, was left as homework or to play to school. This game is suitable for “children and adults”, to play with their friends and family and learn many things about river corridors and the Lima River and its tributaries.

In the “pocket” the girls and boys took home the guide “Os Bochechas – Passeiam pelo Rio”, colored pencils and a LIFE FLUVIAL project T-shirt. The session had 21 participants (including children and some adults, specifically teachers and technicians who supported the session).2

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