Replication and transfer of results of LIFE Fluvial in A Lagoa do Rei (Rábade, Lugo)

he IBADER of the University of Santiago de Compostela, as an associated beneficiary of LIFE FLUVIAL and coordinator of the project’s conservation actions in Galicia, organised a conference to transfer the results of the project in A Lagoa do Rei (Rábade, Lugo), where the specific conservation action C7 was carried out, within the Parga-Ladra-Támoga SAC (ES1120003). The event was attended by members of the Lugo Natural Heritage Service (Xunta de Galicia), as the managing body of the SAC, and by the management of the Santo Anxo Teaching Centre, as the body responsible for the management and maintenance of the land on which the lagoon is located.

The conference served to disseminate first-hand the results achieved and the lessons learned by the LIFE FLUVIAL project in this area. In this way, a review was made of this unique action, which has led to an improvement in the state of conservation of 2 hectares of natural ecosystems in A Lagoa do Rei: elimination of exotic and invasive species (including, among others, the removal of more than 250 individuals of American poplar, Populus x canadensis, large), topographic correction of the lacunar edge to promote wider ecotones between aquatic and terrestrial environments, restoration of the rainforest by planting its characteristic native species.

The visit also made it possible to evaluate the measures for the adaptation of public use in the surroundings of A Lagoa do Rei: repair and improvement of the accessibility of the informative equipment, reinforcement of the isolation and protection of the lagoon from visitors, installation of a deterrent device for vehicles that only allows pedestrian access to the observatory.

The day has shown the suitability of the conservation measures implemented, the improvement of the naturalness of the lagoon and its immediate surroundings, and the generation of ideal conditions for the recovery of the conservation status of natural habitats of Community interest. It has also been of great interest to the Natural Heritage Service of Lugo and the Centro de Enseñanza Santo Anxo, as the entities managing the ZEC and the land where the lagoon is located, who have received with great satisfaction the measures for improving public use, which will generate an important synergy with the restoration carried out, as well as with the monitoring, environmental education and maintenance activities carried out by both entities in this locality

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