The Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo Biosphere Reserve organises a technical seminar to incorporate the lessons learned from the LIFE Fluvial project into the programme of measures of the Galicia-Costa 2021-2027 hydrological plan.

The current Programme of Measures is the hydrological planning instrument that coordinates and integrates the measures that have been implemented, are being implemented and are programmed within the Galicia-Costa Hydrographic Demarcation in the 2021-2027 planning cycle. It also includes the forecasts for the implementation of measures, in successive years, considered necessary to achieve the environmental objectives set out in the Water Framework Directive.

The opening of the public consultation period for the proposed Hydrological Plan and Strategic Environmental Study in Galicia-Costa offers the possibility of trying to make the most of the development of environmental projects, such as those promoted by the LIFE Programme, in the contribution to the learning of techniques and methodologies that help in the achievement of the objectives sought.

From this perspective, the Biosphere Reserve, with the collaboration of the Institute of Agrarian Biodiversity and Rural Development (IBADER), held an online seminar on 14 July 2021 entitled “Learning from the LIFE Fluvial project for its possible incorporation into the Programme of Measures of the Galicia-Costa Hydrological Plan 2021-2027”, framed within the actions of the LIFE FLUVIAL project (LIFE16 NAT/ES/000771), of which both entities are part.

The presentation of the conference was given by Miguel Fernández, technician of the Biosphere Reserve, who highlighted the importance of the latest trends reflected in both the Galician Water Law and the Law on Climate Change and Ecological Transition, in which concepts such as environment and biodiversity are becoming increasingly important.

The first speakers were Sonia Botana, from the Hydrological Planning and Programming Service of Aguas de Galicia (Regional Ministry of the Environment, Territory and Housing), who gave an overview of the current Programme of Measures of the PHGC 2021-2027. Next, Javier Ferreiro, from IBADER, highlighted the work carried out in the LIFE Fluvial project as enriching elements with learning potential for its possible incorporation into the aforementioned Programme of Measures. Finally, Carlos Marcos, from the Duero Hydrographic Confederation, had the opportunity to learn about the experiences acquired by the LIFE IP-RBMP Duero project in its Hydrological Plan.

The seminar was attended by 34 people with professional links to the environment, from universities, local and regional administrations, public and private companies, training centres and environmental organisations.

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