II technical training day – LIFE FLUVIAL IN THE EO CORRIDOR: characterization and environmental restoration

On June 18, the second and last LIFE Fluvial technical training session was held, organized by Indurot and aimed at technical staff from different institutions related to the management of river corridors in the Iberian northwest.

Entitled “LIFE FLUVIAL IN THE EO CORRIDOR: characterization and environmental restoration” the event was held electronically, using the participation of personnel from the University of Oviedo, specialists in different fields related to the river restoration. Coordinated by the administrative manager of the project Luisa Alonso González (economist), the day began with an introduction to the legal framework for the protection of the Eo River and its ecological and hydrogeomorphological characteristics explained by the project coordinator and biologist Pilar García Manteca.

Laura García de la Fuente (economist) highlighted the importance of keeping our rivers in a good state of conservation since they provide us with numerous ecosystem services capable of improving our life quality.

Next, Elena Fernández Iglesias (geologist) told us about the alterations and hydrogeomorphological threat factors that are found in our rivers and how we can restore them through river bioengineering works.

Eduardo Cires (botanist) made clear which are the greatest biological threats to Atlantic rivers: Invasive Exotic Species and the loss of biological connectivity. He helped us to understand what is being done and what can be done in the future.

The day finished with the intervention of Pilar García Manteca on the Post LIFE actions and all the conservation tasks in which the participating institutions are involved, providing information on good practices for the management of riverbanks and river corridors in general.

The LIFE Fluvial Team thanks all attendees for their participation.

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