Rivers network

RED FLUVIAL will be a platform to facilitate and promote the exchange of good practices and experiences, as well as collaborative work between projects and institutions, promoting the replicability and transferability of the results of the LIFE FLUVIAL project, incorporating the conclusions of other European projects (LIFE or no), the experiences of competent European bodies for the management of river corridors and Natura 2000 conservation, and the knowledge of institutions and researchers.

It aims to become a bidirectional information exchange network that will facilitate an environment in which synergies are fostered and collaborative activities are developed that contribute to the improvement of knowledge and the development of capacities.

This section will record the progress relative to this FLUVIAL NETWORK, as well as the information generated by said NETWORK, including a section of free access so that society can be informed about the measures of the particular project and the conservation of the river corridors. in general.

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